6015 N Harvey Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Our Story

Brothers is an Oklahoma family business. Our Swiss Singeisen ancestors came to Oklahoma in 1906. They perservered, prospered and grew with the state. We have been proud Oklahomans for over 110 years.

In 1974, Robert ‘Bob’ Singhisen began a small carpet cleaning company from his home in Oklahoma City. Bob saw the local business need for dependable, fairly-priced carpet services. His two sons, Robert and Steve, were part of his work from the outset. In 1987, Robert assumed the position of President of Brothers.

Exceptional service and word-of-mouth caused Brothers to grow exponentially. We now have both a large service fleet and range of services. We serve Oklahoma businesses throughout the state. Through the years, we have remained true to ourselves. We hold dear our family’s devotion to exceptional service.

Square Feet of Carpet and Flooring Serviced

Facilities Served

Staff Carpet & Floorcare Experience (Years)

Oklahoma Cities Served

Careful Selection

Our customers trust Brothers with access to their facilities. We value that trust. All Brothers employees are subject to employment and background investigation prior to employment.

Superior Training

Brothers adheres to the most comprehensive training system in our industry. Our employees train for 3 weeks on process and product chemistry before being permitted to work at a client facility.

Informed Experience

40+ years of experience has taught us much about what works and what doesn’t in our industry. Brothers passes this informed experience on to our employees for the benefit of our customers.

Commitment to Quality

We treat our Customers as we would want to be treated. That commitment is seen through our Customer Service daily. Brothers services are always 100% guaranteed.